Conuma ICE – In Case of Emergency

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Conuma ICE – In Case of Emergency

Here’s What You Should Expect During an Evacuation Order

In June of 2023, the town of Tumbler Ridge was evacuated due to wildfires with little notice. We have learned a lot from the firsthand experience and from listening to feedback from our Conuma family (employees and staff). The wildfires interrupted our lives, our community, and our business.

The best thing we can do moving forward is PREPARE.

We have created the Conuma ICE (In Case of Emergency) website page to support you, our employees, and your families.

Before Disaster Strikes

Ensuring you and your family are safe is a top priority for us. The Conuma ICE page includes resources, tips and a point of communication that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week by you and your family.

Disasters and emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. The Additional Resources section offers tips, templates and reliable sources of information that will assist you with your own Family Emergency Planning and keep everyone well informed before, during and after an emergency.

During an Evacuation Order

We will stay connected with you through email and text messages. You will receive daily updates and pertinent information as to the status of the emergency and our next steps.
During an evacuation order, you will be directed to complete the Employee Emergency Check-In Form letting us that you and your family are safe and if you require any support. This will allow us to reach out to those who need additional support as quickly as possible.

How You Can Help

Ensure that we have the correct email addresses and cell phone numbers on file. If any of your personal information has changed, complete the Employee Information Change Form and submit it to your site HR department.
Create an emergency plan with your family. Emergencies, including evacuations, can happen at a moment’s notice. This will help ensure that everyone is prepared and calm during an actual emergency.