Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

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Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

Creating an Emergency Plan for Your Family

Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s important to have an emergency plan in place for you and your family. A well-prepared family will be more equipped to handle any type of emergency situation that comes their way. Below are some things to consider when creating an emergency plan for your family.

Identify Potential Emergencies

Identify potential emergencies that may occur in your area, such as natural disasters like wildfires or earthquakes, or man-made disasters like power outages or gas leaks. Once you have identified the potential emergencies, create a plan that includes evacuation routes, meeting places, and emergency contacts. Make sure to include the necessary supplies such as food, water, and medical kits. (see: What to Pack in a Grab & Go Bag).

Practice Your Emergency Plan

Cell service and internet interruptions are common in the north, which can make it difficult to communicate with each other during an emergency situation. Conducting drills and simulations of different emergency scenarios will make sure everyone knows what to do and is familiar with the plan. This will help ensure that everyone is prepared and calm in an actual emergency situation.

Keep Your Plan Up to Date

Review and update your plan regularly, especially if you have moved to a new location or there are changes in your family’s needs. Make sure everyone in your family is aware of the plan and knows where to find it.


Creating an emergency plan for your family is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety in case of an emergency. Take the time to plan, practice, and review your plan to make sure you and your family is well-prepared for any situation.

Not sure where to start? Check out the BC Household Emergency Plan workbook: Prepared BC: Household Emergency Plan (

Additional Resources

We have included a list of Additional Resources with live links for you to access to stay well-informed before, during, and after an emergency situation.